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Release History

Version Date Description
1.2.2 2008-10-17 Bugfix release.
1.2.1 2008-10-15 Minor bugfixes as well as support for static nested and inner classes.
1.2.0 2008-06-12 Improved error reporting
1.1.1 2008-05-29 Bugfixes and generified
1.1.0 2008-05-26 Introduced signing
1.0.0 2008-05-25 Initial release of fixedformat4j

Release 1.2.2 - 2008-10-17

Type Changes By
fix Fixed issue where data wasn't loaded if the text length was shorter just a bit shorter than the last field in a record. Fixes 9 . jeyben

Release 1.2.1 - 2008-10-15

Type Changes By
add Added support for processing annotated static nested classes and inner classes. Fixes 8 . jeyben
fix Fixed bug when the setter/getter data type is an interface or abstract class, the format manager failed at runtime determining the datatype. Thanks to Marcos Lois Bermúdez. jeyben
add Added support for simple datatypes like int, boolean, float etc. Fixes 6 . Thanks to Marcos Lois Bermúdez. jeyben

Release 1.2.0 - 2008-06-12

Type Changes By
add Improved error reporting when fail to parse a string. All details about how data was suppose to be parse will be included in the error message. The class and method name of the instance trying to create will be included as well. jeyben
add Added the ability to annotate methods starting with 'is' in addition to 'get'. Fixes 5 . jeyben

Release 1.1.1 - 2008-05-29

Type Changes By
add Added the ability to not sign numbers. And made it default jeyben
update Generified the FixedFormatter interface. Reguires custom formatters to be updated. Fixes 4 . jeyben
fix Fixed bug when parsing numbers from string having prependend signs. jeyben
fix Fixed various smaller bugs primarily in predefined formatters. jeyben

Release 1.1.0 - 2008-05-26

Type Changes By
add Introduced ability to parse and format signed numbers. jeyben

Release 1.0.0 - 2008-05-25

Type Changes By
add Initial release of fixedformat4j. jeyben